How long does it take to clean my Oriental/ Area Rug?

Depending on the size, some rugs take about 3 days and  some take about 5 -7 days.

Each rug goes through a multi-step process that includes: inspection, dusting, colorfast testing, cleaning, drying, cleaning the fringe and a final groom for appearance.  All rugs are unique.  They all differ by construction, size, material, age and  pre-existing conditions.  Each of these traits can influence what kind of cleaning procedures are necessary.  Colorfast testing is left over night to ensure the dyes in the rug are going to be stable with our synthetic cleaning chemical and water.  The washing process generally takes a half-day while others can take a full day. The drying process is completed by the next morning in our drying room with fans and a dehumidifier to accelerate the process.  When we clean the fringe, we let the rug hang over night to make sure the fringe is 100% dry before doing a final groom and rolling the rug up for delivery or pickup.

My Oriental/Area rug is too big for me to bring to you.  Do you offer a pickup and delivery service?

Yes.  Please call in advance so we may arrange a time.

Can you remove the odors from my Oriental/Area rugs?

Most of the time the answer is yes!

Do you sell rug pads for Oriental/ Area rugs?

Yes!  I buy it on a 12′ x 60′ roll, and I will custom cut your rug pad.

How can I protect my Oriental/ Area rug if I plan to store it?

The best thing you can do is to store it clean.  After cleaning your rug, I can wrap it in waterproof breathable paper. It’s best to store your rug in a climate-controlled environment where it can be checked on from time to time to ensure it is free from water damage or bug infestation.

Can you store my rug?

Yes,  we can store your rug for a storage fee.

How long does it take to clean my carpets?

This will depend on the number of rooms and square footage you need cleaned. Once the technician has set up his equipment, it is a quick process. We have the best equipment available The more soiled the carpet is, the longer it takes to clean.  On average, it takes about 1-1.5 hrs to clean approximately 4 rooms.

What is the drying time?

Drying time depends on the humidity and air movement in your home. On humid days, the drying time is longer. If we had to use more water than usual, due to soil or stains, the drying time is increased. Generally, the drying time is 3-4 hours.  We will turn your ceiling fans on to expedite this process also.

Can I walk on my carpet before it dries?

You can walk on the carpet carefully to avoid falling. Try to avoid making pathways. Tracks could detract from the cleaning results. Generally, try to avoid walking on the carpet before dries.

What do I need to do to prepare for the cleaning?

Vacuuming is always a good idea, but we will do this also. If you have children, you should pick up any toys or clothing that may be on the floor. If you have furniture you want moved, please remove personal items and items that could fall.

Do you move furniture?

We do move some furniture. If you ask, the technician will move your sofa, love seat, chairs and tables. We do not move entertainment centers, electronic equipment, computers, beds, dressers, china cabinets, or pianos.

Does Carpet Protection really work?

Yes! Carpet manufacturers recommend using these products, and it is inexpensive! You will preserve the life and beauty of your carpet with these products. With that being said, you shouldn’t ignore a spot of dry soil or a spill. Vacuum or blot with a paper towel soon after a spill. Your carpet is an investment that can last longer than you think, please let us take care of your carpets so you don’t have to replace them!

When I get a phone estimate, will it change when the technician arrives?

Sometimes the estimate does change. If the carpeted area is larger than expected, the cost could increase. We do our best to give accurate estimates, but we rely on you to provide accurate and thorough information. Before beginning the service, we will confirm and discuss the total price.

Do you have a guarantee? What if a stain reappears?

Yes, we will do our best to clean your carpet. If after the carpet dries and you are not fully satisfied, call us within one week. We will cheerfully and promptly return to take care of the stain at no additional charge. Your satisfaction is very important to us.

Do I have to be home when my carpet is cleaned?

It is not necessary that you be home while your carpet is cleaned because our technicians are thoroughly trained professionals you can trust. We do recommend that you be there when we begin to point out any problem spots you have, or leave us a note. We will lock up for you. However, we do need a method of payment before we leave your home.  We accept Visa, MasterCard, check or cash.

Do we need electricity or water on site?

Yes, although we carry our own water and our equipment is powered by our truck engine, we do need electricity to vacuum before we begin our work. If you do not have electricity, we can complete services with the understanding that you have vacuumed beforehand. We will also need to perform the service early in the day so we have adequate light. Please let us know ahead of time if there is no electricity or water, so we can be prepared.

Are your chemicals safe?

Yes, all of the general chemicals we use are non-toxic. We are not going to use something in your house that we would not use in our own.

Can you guarantee my stains will be removed?

Unfortunately, no. No one can realistically say they can remove all stains. If you hear this promise from another company, beware. We do a great job removing stains and will try hard to do this for you. However, we cannot guarantee that every stain will be removed.

What about Pet Odors?

I love my pets and yes they are inside most of the time.  But, years of any animal smell is hard to remove.  We will do our best to satisfy your needs which may involve a recommendation to replace your carpet.

Is your question not above?  

Please call (936) 564-5722, and I will do my best to find an answer even if I have to phone a friend!